Conference Trips

8/21/2017 Houhai Bar Street
8/22/2017 Mutianyu Great Wall-Sightseeing
8/23/2017 Summer Palace
8/24/2017 Nanluoguxiang

Tour Description:
The Houhai Bar Street in the famous Shichahai area of Beijing is a place where traditional Chinese and western culture hits. When the first bar opened at a common Siheyuan (quadrangle courtyard) in the area in 2000, there were only approximately a dozen of bars in the Shichahai area. Three years later, a great cluster of new bars surged in the area within half a year and now over 120 ones welcome visitors from all corners of the world every evening.
Mutianyu Great Wall, is one of the most famous and best preserved sections of the Great Wall together with Badaling and Jinshanling sections. This section used to serve as the northern wall defending the capital city and the Imperial power. As an important section of the Great Wall, Mutianyu is filled with a great amount of historical and cultural relics as well as the most important number of watchtowers. About 20 of them are distributed along the opened tourism area that stretches for about 2250 meters long. Mutianyu definitely is one of the best places to hike for experiencing the Great Wall.
The Summer Palace, also called “Yi He Yuan” literally meaning “the Garden of Restful Peace” in Chinese, is one of the most visited scenic spots together with the Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven or Great Wall in Beijing city. Immense garden at a few kilometers away from the city, the Summer Palace holds its name to perfection as this was where emperors and the imperial family used to retreat at summer time. This ancient royal garden is beautifully composed of palaces, temples, gardens, pavilions, lakes and corridors fully radiating the natural beauty and the grandeur of imperial gardens. As the largest garden in China, the Summer Palace is today the center of interests of all tourists coming to visit Beijing and its many cultural and historical relics.
Nanluoguxiang, also named South Luogu Lane, is one of the oldest alleyways in Beijing. It is an 800-meter long North-South alleyway with cafes, bars, and shops all designed in classical Chinese ‘hutong’ style. With a history of over 800 years, Nanluoguxiang has become a hotspot of attraction reported by Fashion magazine. Tourists from abroad regard it as a must-see attraction in Beijing. Lots of officials and celebs have been lived here since Ming and Qing Dynasty. Historical marks can be found in every Hutong here. With its impressive historical reputation and cultural influences, Nanluoguxiang has become a popular attraction in Beijing.Hotels